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What is your game plan for a longer life?

     Aging has become a major concern among the "Baby Boomers" after witnessing their parents' quality of life erode dramatically with age. While growing old has always been an inevitable part of the life cycle, medical experts now believe that we can and will enjoy healthy and productive lives well past 100. Medical experts now agree, growing old does not mean you have to grow frail, feeble, depressed, confused and lacking energy to enjoy life in our golden years.

What causes us to age?

     Clinical studies have proven that Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the bodies messenger for repair and maintenance begins a long decline after age 30. HGH is released from the pituitary at night or between meal periods and rapidly taken up by the liver, which is informed chemically to make a myriad of Growth Factors. These are chemical messengers that instruct the various cells of the body, be they nerve, skin, bone or muscle to rebuild and repair themselves to their unique specifications. As the Growth Factors are lowered with aging, less and less rebuilding is done. This is thought to be a major cause of the chronic conditions that speed aging.

The end of aging?

     The good news is…these chronic conditions are now treatable. We can dramatically stop and even reverse the symptoms of aging by replacing our depleting HGH. No other substance has demonstrated such a proven ability to reverse the aging process. None!

"In the year since "Grow Young with HGH" first appeared in hardcover, hundreds of doctors have started using human growth hormone for anti-aging purposes, either in the form of injections or with nutrients that stimulate the patient's own store of growth hormone. At every medical meeting I attend, doctors buttonhole me in the hallway to recount their experiences using HGH in their medical practice. In most cases, they are also using it on themselves. In fact, doctors are the largest single class of HGH users—an embodiment of the dictum "Physician, heal thyself.""


Dr. Ronald Klatz
Author of Grow Young with HGH
President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine



Determining your need: A self Test

     The following self-test, taken from Dr. Ronald Klatz's book, is designed to help you determine whether your hormonal health is declining and you should seek to elevate your levels of GH. Take the self-test again in three months if you have begun a program to increase your HGH production to tell how well the program is working for you.


Today, as compared to 10 years ago:  If yes

1. Do you often feel tired?   +1

2. Do you feel happy most of the time?  -2

3. Do you often go through mood swings? +2

4. Do you anger easily?     +2

5. Are you depressed often?   +1

6. Do you often feel anxious or stressed out? +1

7. Do you feel you work too hard?   +2

8. Do you look forward to retirement (not to pursue an activity but to do less)?  +2

9. Do you keep in touch with friends?   -1

10.  Do you maintain an interest in sex?   -1

11. Is your sex life declining?    +2

12. Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep? +2

13. Do you feel well rested after sleep?   -1

14. Do you find yourself forgetting things?  +2

15. Do you find it harder to think clearly?  +2

16. Do you use memory aids (e.g., lists)?  +2

17. Do you have problems concentrating?  +2

18. Are you in poor physical shape?  +2

19. Are you more than 20% above your ideal weight? +2

20. Is it very difficult for you to lose weight? +1

21. Have you developed a spare tire, or love handles?  +1

22. Does your musculature look youthful? -2

23. Do you feel your overall health is good? -2

24. Do you often get colds or feel sick?   +2

25. Do you commonly feel aches or pains? +1

26. Is your blood cholesterol over 200?  +1

27. Is your blood cholesterol over 240?  +2

28. Men---is your HDL less than 45? Women---Is your HDL less than 55?  +2

29. Is your blood pressure normal?   -2

30. Has your vision noticeably deteriorated? +1

31. Do you have frequent urination?  +1

32. Do you have digestive problems?  +1

33. Does the skin on your face, neck, upper arms and abdomen appears to hang?    +2

34. Do you think you look older than your age mates? +1

35. Do you have cellulite on your thighs?  +1

36. Do you need haircuts less frequently?  +1

37. Does it seem to take a long time for cuts and bruises to heal or for wounds to close?  +1

38. Is it getting harder to exercise?  +2

39. Do you seem to have less strength for gripping or lifting?      +2

40. Is your endurance less?    +2

41. Is your breathing more labored when you exercise hard?       +3

42. Do you find the longer you live, the better you feel about life?     -2

Ages 45 to 54      +1

Ages 55 to 64      +2

Ages 65 and above      +3

Total      ___________

About your test results:

14 and below: You are doing well and your complaints are well within the normal range of daily living.

15-22: A Growth Hormone enhancement program may help forestall some of the problems of aging.

23-30: A Growth Hormone enhancement program may reverse the problems of aging you are already encountering. Schedule a visit with your doctor and have your IGF-1 levels checked.

31 and above: Chances are your levels of Growth Hormone are severely deficient. An anti-aging program may be of great benefit.

Schedule a visit with your doctor and have your IGF-1 levels checked,

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