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The doctor visits, the cutting, bandages, and bruises didn't stop millions of Americans from getting surgical facelifts. But now, you can have the same benefits without the blood and pain. Kassandra Pride takes a closer look.

Rhea Tinkham, a 41-year-old accounts manager from Pocatello, is a true believer.

"Around my eye, around my chin line going up into my cheek - a big difference."

Gone are the fine lines, and her skin is smoother, too. She credits the device that neither cuts like a knife nor burns like a laser.

The same goes for Jennifer Bowen, a 50-year-old marketing director.

"Probably around my eyes and the lip area."

Founder of the Natural Facelift, Gatha Crowson, says the product goes on like a cream and dries like a mask. In the drying process, it creates an isometric pressure that activates the muscles in the face.

"So it tightens, tones, lifts, and firms."

The product is a little messy, but it sure beats the blood and bruising that goes with surgery. Gatha says each application can erase years from your face.

"So it's good from any age - from the time you'd like to maintain your face and keep it looking great until you're 85!"

The treatment takes 25 minutes and like exercising muscles, should only be used every other day. But great results take time.

"Most people will have their face pretty much where they want it in about 90 days using it every other day."

Clients should also understand the cost. It's about $50 for a 30-day supply.

"I've always been on the skeptical side, but I'm willing to give anything a try."

And these days, there's no shortage of people looking for the fountain - or bottle - of youth.

Gatha says the Natural Facelift is also a good remedy for stretchmarks and rosacea. She's holding a free seminar Saturday in Idaho Falls at LeRitz Hotel and Suites from 9-10 a.m.

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