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"YOU truly were the keynote and highlight of our AAHAM Mardi Gras State Conference...all evaluations stated this was the most outstanding conference ever. Thank you for making this conference memorable."
     Eleanor R. Foster, Director Admissions, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
"An expert in her field, her fresh technique empowers individuals to discover their own strengths, reach their own potential.  Her all day seminar was a tremendous success.  We all learned ways to communicate better.  Gatha successfully develops and delivers programs for us on teamwork, problem solving techniques, strategic planning, assessing needs of individual team players and departments."
     Larry Waller, Huntsville Chamber of Commerce

"wonderful job of targeting individuals at each level, from entry level to the City Council, in every department, JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED."
     Mayor Lakin Collin

"Wonderful! Thought Provoking! Thank you for reminding us to expand our paradigm instead of forcing others to fit our paradigm of how things should be run or managed. Insightful! THANK YOU!
     James L. Flinn, III, Director IMM, Department of the Army
"Gatha taught me to analyze my strengths and weaknesses and understand the personalities of my co-workers. I am prepared now to better handle conflicts. She is an excellent speaker -- enthusiastic and warm."
     Becky Harper, Motorola/Universal Data Systems
"What a great weekend seminar in Miami...evaluations described the seminar as...wonderful, informative, insightful, great rapport, realistic, true to life, entertaining, humorous, fun...perhaps even more amazing was the audience's number one suggestion was 'too short'. Few speakers can present 3 hours of material, receive such compliments and leave an audience hungry for more."
     Daniel F. Beasley, Attorney at Law
"your program was overwhelming, informative, very inspirational..."
     Mae Scheib, Training Chair, FEW
"her abilities as a professional / motivational humorist are outstanding...her life experiences are a testimony to her rise to the top...we were educated, uplifted, re-energized with her personality program as she assisted in helping with our reorganiztion."
     Valerie Chandler, RN, Div. of Ed., Huntsville Hospital
"Super! Fantastic! When can she return? were the comments. In our youth oriented profession it is of paramount inportance that we understand ourselves (inside and out), before we can positively impact the youth we serve. Your presentation made that crystal clear mixed with your humor...excellent."
     Tony Parnell, LCU, Dir. of Campus Services
"brings together the wisdom of experience and her own professional and personal development with the best ideas of growth today, touching the heart of today's men and women with her keynotes and workshops."
     Ron Bailey, Dir. Radio
"a remarkable ability to breakdown our defenses, makes us laugh, then makes her point."
     Jan Allen, VP Northgate
"Everyone is still abuzz with excitement over their new insight.  Some were reciting parts, word-for-word, for some who were not able to attend."
Dr. Glenn Beasley

"Our attendees really enjoyed the motivational humor, inspiration and education you provided.  We will be contacting you again for future programs."
     Carla H. Lanier, Human Resources Manager, Madison Research Corp

"guarantee you she is capable of giving her audience the skills and confidence to succeed, as she has for us on an international level for the past several years."
     Regina Payne, Director of Leadership Development, Optimist Int.

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