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Gatha Crowson
, President of Crowson Productions, Inc., a Motivational Humorist, is recognized in the corporate world and association world for her expertise in membership development - recruiting and retainment. She is a speaker, trainer, author...having spoke over 7,000 times in the U.S. alone. Author of "The Ultimate Recruiting Technique: The G.A.T.H.A. Principle", a program delivered at state, national and international conventions and when applied turns any organization around, including the work of the Lord.
   Gatha says that “each of us are in the business of recruiting and managing volunteers for the Lord...this process keeps each Christian lady excited about her work and her journey”.
     You will find her material “refreshing”. Crowson runs a multi-million dollar sales force where recruiting is a part of her everyday life and is in the top 1% internationally.

Gatha serves on the State Legislative Committee for AARP and is also their Ambassador for the State of Alabama. In addition she serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club. All around the country today she is known as the FaceLift have probably seen her on your local NEWS.
Gatha loves the Lord. Her husband and 5 children are priorities. And what can we say about 10 grandchildren? They KNOW they are loved by MaMaNaN. She takes time to watch their ballgames, award programs and play. She says the greatest compliment she has ever had came from two sources:
  1. What does a Youth think? (they tell it like it is)  George State Convention for Youth-The Meeting Planner commented following her keynote address, “I have never been to a convention of 14-17 year olds where you could hear a pin drop. A 16-yr old came to me following your keynote and said, Mrs. Graham, here is $5 for the T-shirt that I took without paying for it. I want to do what is right.”
  2. What do her son’s wives think?  “Mom is the fun grandparent... I am so thankful that our grandchildren have at least one grandparent who believes that life is still about enjoying, having fun.   Mom wins “hands-down” the grandparent of the year award.  She teaches them in a fun way...You can often hear her praying with the grandchildren over the phone.  She ALWAYS has time them, for us and for Dad or anyone else who needs her.”
Gatha is in the business of changing lives
Giving people a “facelift” inside or out!

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