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"I became disabled in 1977 diagnosed...fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, rheumatoid & osteo arthritis, TMJ, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, a prolapsed mitro-valve, migraine headaches, and allergies. In addition to all of the medications, I took two allergy shots and 20 aspirin per day. I attended the highest credibility clinics across the U.S., pain & holistic clinics, took every vitamin, herb known to man, drew disability 12yrs (10yrs house-bound). My stress level was so high I was depressed, not suicidal, just wanted to die. I tried magnets, tens units (2), surgery; nothing had a lasting effect for over 19 years. I feel better today than I have since 1977. Today I parasail, ride mopeds, snorkel or play with 10 grandchildren, an active life for a 62yr old lady, realizing my dreams with a body that is able to match the smile on my face. My businesses take me throughout the world...I'm not met at the airport with a wheelchair anymore. It's a miracle for me.

Thanks to our Natural FaceLift Without Surgery I am looking almost as young as my children. With this product I expanded my business and in 2004 I made more money than the President of the United States. You have probably seen me on the News (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX) where reporters have evaluated our Natural FaceLift and have given it a “thumbs-up” EVERY time so today I am known as The FaceLift Lady!" -Gatha Crowson, Athens, AL - FaceLift Consultant - Speaker - Trainer - Columnist - 888.729.6476 – gatha@gathacrowson.com

"Blood Pressure from Stroke-Level to Normal in 90 days with all-natural products! Nurse said it was a miracle. I no longer fall asleep (sleep apnea) while driving( thanks to our coral calcium.Side effects? Lost 60 lbs!"  -Carey Crowson - Retired YMCA - Accountant - Business Manager - Athens, AL - gatha@faceliftwithoutsurgery.com - 888.729.6476

I head the Computer Science and Clerical Departments at Wallace State College. In addition to the administrative work, I am also an instructor. I had lost a lot of weight on my own, but I had accomplished that before, I just could not keep it off. I started taking an all-natural product to maintain my weight loss. You can imagine my surprise when I not only lost more weight but also had increased energy in spite of my prolapsed mitro-valve. I had developed tendinitis so bad in my shoulder that I could not raise my arm. As an instructor that is not good. Within one week of taking the products my pain was gone. Today I am still pain free.

The FaceLift with results in less than 10 minutes, came into my life. Results? Would you have guessed that I am over 50 years old?"
Look & Feel 15 years younger! -Marcy Manning - Professor - Trainer - Entrepreneur - FaceLift Consultant - Hanceville, AL - marcy.manning@wallacestate.edu - 256.352.8174

Terrell Crowson I am a policeman. At 29 years of age I suffered an imploded ruptured disc in my neck, from a weight lifting injury. The surgeon told me that I would be off work for at least four months. This surgery and the healing process was so critical I could not lift my baby daughter who weighed only 12 lbs. I came home from the hospital, began the anti-oxidant (4 every 4 hours). Healing was so fast the staples fell out of my neck after 3 days. The doctor examined me, he could not believe the healing that had taken place. The doctor recommended 8 weeks of physical therapy, 3 weeks later I was dismissed with the therapist saying "these (Natural Products) are the reason you healed so quickly and you have the range of motion in your neck." I healed quickly but
still suffered pain daily in my neck and shoulder area until I began some of our other products. These products have literally given me my health back. The surgeon told me at age 28 (almost 6 years ago) I would never lift weights again...Today? I am bench pressing 565 lbs. and lifting weights competitively. AND...The FaceLift has removed scars from my forehand......It is a miracle...results in 10 minutes!" -Terrell Crowson - Policeman - Trainer - Business Owner - South Haven, MS - 888.698.7814 – terrellcrowson@bellsouth.net

"After more than 15 years of battling with the chronic pain and debilitating fatigue of fibromyalgia, I now have my life back, thanks to my products! No more insomnia, depression, arthritis pain, migraine headaches and a host of other problems common to fibromyalgia victims. When I added our coral calcium, I experienced deeper sleep, improved mood, improved vision, increased exercise and cold tolerance, faster healing, fading wrinkles, gray hair turning dark and additional weight/inch loss. I've been pain-free, prescription-free and doctor-free for more than 5 years. I feel better and look younger than I have in 15 years! All my life I've dealt with extremely dry, sensitive skin. I gave up hope of finding something that could help. Now, with our products AND The Natural FaceLift, I have no more dry, flaky skin. A pre-cancerous lesion on my forehand has disappeared and my skin tone has improved dramatically. My complexion hasn't looked this good since I was in my early 30's! Following a complete hysterectomy at age 32 I conformed to conventional medical wisdom and began taking a synthetic estrogen supplement, which I continued for 18 years. Two years ago, after researching the dangers of taking unoposed estrogen, I began using a natural progesterone cream. Over time, I reduced and, finally, stopped taking the estrogen and continued the progesterone cream. I experienced occasional mild "power surges", insomnia and other symptoms associated with menopause. Mid-January 2003, I began taking 6 Ultimate Coral Calcium Xtra daily and within 6 weeks, my symptoms had completed disappeared." -Yvonne Erwin - RN - Trainer - Business Owner - FaceLift Consultant - Longview, TX - 888.731.8964 - syerwin@hotmail.com

Yvonne Erwin

In January 1990 I was told by doctors that I had multiple sclerosis and would be in a wheelchair within three years. At the time, I was working 60 hours a week, teaching a Bible class, serving on PTA committees and was a member of the fund-raising committee for the Band Boosters. I thought there was no way a disease, which was not even considered fatal, was going to put me in a wheelchair. But, my doctors were smart men. By the end of 1990, my staggering had become falling, my trembling right hand at times could not hold a pencil, my eyes were often seeing double, my bladder forgot that I was 40 years old and should know when I needed to go, and the numbness began to creep up the entire right side of my body. I was no longer able to do my job and had to quit after 23 years with the same employer. I was introduced to all-natural wellness products which changed my life. I saw a remarkable difference in my energy level, the bone and joint pain was easing somewhat and I was sleeping ;in my bed for longer periods of time each night. So....I became a small business owner, a woman-owned business. Today, 13 years later I run a sales force across the U.S., have received numerous awards and recognitions both in the business and civic world. I have added Bob Barefoot's Ultimate Coral Calcium Xtra and The Natural FaceLift to my line of products. Business is booming in Kentucky! - Cathy Flener - Office Manager - Speaker - Trainer - Educator - Morgantown, KY – cflener@bellsouth.net - 270.526.2840 - 866.578.0042

Cathy Flener

There is still hope!  At the age of 59 years and 50 operations my hopes and dreams became reality.  From major stomach problems, arthritis in all of my joints, severe diarrhea, and acid reflux to normal and daily bowel movements, controlled arthritic pain, pain free many days, acid reflux disappearing, stomach problems, to normal eating once again, going out to eat and having a nice steak dinner (first time in 10 years) improved in the very FIRST week on Ultimate Coral Calcium Xtra and Essentials.  These wonderful products have given me back my life and I am so grateful!  Judy Tokarski - 920.361.4196 - judytokarski@hotmail.com


My mother, 81, was diagnosed with this terrible disease 15 years ago. She declined to the point of total care. She could eat only sandwiches and finger foods; she no longer knew what to do with utensils...she refused to be fed. She was able to hold and drink from a certain glass. Her speech was almost nil, and she had forgotten how to smile. She acknowledged knowing no one. She had to be pushed, most of the time, in order to walk.
She came to live with us 3 years ago(I am her daughter...retired R. N.).I tried to keep her active, but she was slipping away. She had to be lifted in and out of the tub and car. Her ankles swelled 3 times normal every day.

On Jan. 18, 2003 after investigating the Ultimate Coral Calcium XtraI was told by a friend to give her 9 caps. a day. The next day I started Mom on it; I open 3 after each meal and put them in juice and ice cream...she loves it! I still give her 9 a day ,and we are amazed at her progress!
Changes since taking Ultimate Coral Calcium Xtra (with Soy Isoflavones and MSM):
1. After the second day, there has been no swelling in her ankles!
2 .She walks without being pushed...just hands on to steady her!
3. She does not initiate talk but answers at times, can read most words, but has difficulty in word finding sometimes. She smiles and has laughed!
4. She uses a spoon and fork now!
5. She has stepped out of the tub twice, recently, with hands on help; most of the time, she gets in and out of the car with minimal help!
6. She has started to color again...needs help to start and stays within the lines!
7. She has said, "I'd like to ride on that"...pointing to a merry-go-round in a book, and "that's good", and "oh, how pretty"; and they were all appropriate statements!
8. She appears to watching television at times!
Please help me share this with as many others as you can; I don't know if it will help them or not, but I believe it will!!!

This is the mother of a friend of mine. For additional info email or call.

“These are personal testimonies of product users. We make no health/medical claims and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consumers should consult their desired health care professional prior to consumption.”

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