Free Advertising –

Guidelines to FREE Leads (scroll to bottom)


Advertising - Paid vs. Free

Paid Advertising (media)

1.      newspaper ads

2.      flyer stuffed in newspapers

3.      tv advertisement

4.      radio advertisement

5.      handouts (pay someone)

FREE Advertising (media)

1.      newspaper press releases (see below)

2.      flyer to potential business partners, customers

3.      tv (psa) community events

4.      radio (psa) upcoming community events

5.      flyers to handout to businesses, etc.

FREE Advertising at vcom site:

1.      call 10 people each week

2.      invite them to be your guest on the vcom site

3.      followup by phone or meet them on the vcom site

Free Training at vcom site:

1.      develop your own training

2.      deliver it at vcom site

Free Conference Calls at vcom site:

1.      schedule date/time (weekly) for calls with your team

2.      utilize vcom

FREE is the "secret" word!


Media Contacts, Followup, etc.

Including Initial Contact with TV Stations

NOTE:  Create interest....they are busy people, keep it brief

1.      go online, use tv station's call letters as the Keyword to find their website  

2.      at their website:

all programs are listed along with a short bio of each reporter

3.      decide which program you want to target

4.      call the station 15 minutes before the show goes on the air or 5 minutes after they go off the air (chances to get to speak to them are higher at these times)

5.      ask to speak to the targeted reporter you feel (from reading their bio) would be the best contact

6.      have Gatha's press release in front of you

7.      introduce yourself as Donna Ellison with Crowson Productions (this is a true statement because you are in Crowson Production's downline in TW).  Briefly tell them that you are the event coordinator for Mrs. Crowson and that she will be in Hickory, NC (6.10.03) conducting a free seminar on an amazing facelift without surgery product. 

8.      Gatha has been on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX with consumer reporters all across the country.  If you are interested other reporters stories, we can get that info to you.  (it is under the “W” in the word “without” in the title on the webpage)

9.      they will probably ask questions…about the product…try to stick to the product if they ask about Gatha…
pull info from the press release…be brief

10.  your objective is to create  interest. 

11.  ask:   “are you the person I need to speak with?”
“do I need to speak to the program director?”  -   “and their name is?”

12.  reporter shows no interest?
go back to their website and get news producers name or consumer affairs producer or reporter…they will refer you to the right person

13.  consumer reporters love looking at new products to try and prove that they do not

14.  they have accepted.  Send basic info on the product (the product bulletin is perfect, tells just enough)

15.  do you want to select 3 models who have crow’s feet and/or wrinkles…or would you prefer for me to find someone  I do not know by contacting the chamber of commerce or a local church)…Gatha can answer your questions while the facelift is being applied.


Media - Public Service Announcement

newspapers, radio, TV stations  (50 miles radius).  

1.      call and ask..."do you have a community calendar or ledge of coming events?

2.      who do I forward this info to?

3.      how do you prefer that I send it?  email?  fax? 

4.      do you prefer photo?


Free Advertisement Expanded

1.      make up flyer announcing FREE FaceLift without Surgery Seminar with your contact info “for additional information:  Your Name, Your Phone, Your Email

2.      post in break rooms (educators, co-workers, friends, churches)

3.      leave in businesses (grocery, all bulletin boards, apartment bldgs bulletin board)

4.      play golf, they have bulletin boards

5.      spas, salons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists offices

6.      secret to good attendance is making personal contacts - inviting people

Community Calendar Press Release

FaceLift Without Surgery Seminar, June 9th, Shoney's (Restaurant) Conference Room in Brentwood (I-65 Exit#_____ ). Notice a few wrinkles, crow¹s feet or sagging? Facelift consultant Gatha Crowson will introduce you to a remarkable new program that's been given a “thumbs-up” from CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX , Consumer Reporters across the country and was featured on (call letters) TV news here in Nashville last summer. Now see it in person. This FREE seminar is open to the public and recommended for anyone who wants to reverse the signs of aging on their face and neck. For additional information call 888.729.6476.


GuideLines for Leads


The FaceLift Office
           from the desk of Gatha

Subject:  FaceLift Story is Going National

News is breaking all over the country.  You have seen us on your local news.  You have read the articles in your local paper.  Your friends next door will soon be sharing The Natural FaceLift with your potential Sales Reps and customers.

Leads will be unlimited.  The question you are asking yourself is, "How do I get some of the leads?" 


        1. An active distributor on $100 auto-ship (minimum)
        2. Recruiting on a monthly basis (basically 5/month)
        3. Conducting FaceLift Seminars weekly (2-3/week)
        4. Inviting News Reporters to attend FaceLift Seminars*
        5. Your New Recruits are on Gatha's Training Calls

        6.  Utilizing training tools:

                vcom site (

                conference call line

*FaceLift Seminars can be any event (seminar, clinic, conference call, vcom site) where you have GUESTS.

The leads will be filtered through my Office.  I will adhere to the guidelines above.

I committed to you to provide tools for you to build your business without spending money.
Your commitment is to take advantage of the tools.

Will you get “free” leads?  It is up to you!



“Gatha” is the only person approved by our CEO to be on TV!





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