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Gatha has been a woman-owned business for over 35 years with a background in International Speaking – Training - Consulting.  In spite of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1977, Gatha simply used her disability as a launching pad.

Who is Gatha Crowson?

Her audiences:   “Gatha changes lives”,  “takes you from laughter to tears”, “she has the unique ability to make you laugh, make her point, leaves us knowing “how-to” implement”, “you know you can reach your goals”, “whatever topic she is assigned, she gets raving reviews”, “we give her standing ovations”, “we give her the highest honor, the ultimate compliment paid to any speaker-invitations to return again and again”.

Her Sales Team: “She is ALWAYS there for you, whether goal setting, a plan of action, looking for a solution, someone to listen…she wants us to shine.”

Her co-workers:  “She challenges each of us to search for our strengths, to use them daily to enhance our self-confidence and build stronger personal and professional relationships.  Results? The return on our strengths is always going up-up-up (some of her favorite words).  You have it – use it! She says.”

Her friends:  “She is the rose that after winter always emerges.  She listens.  She shares her expertise in such a simple way that you leave knowing you were touched-by-an-angel and your life will never be the same again.”

Her grandchildren:  “MaMaNaN is fun!  She will try anything with you!  Time with MaMaNan is NOT boring!”

Her children:  “Mama has always been on the cutting-edge and often before her time.  She was not and is not perfect, but she can say ‘I am sorry’, change, and move forward.”

Her husband:  “Gatha is not afraid of change.  She constantly is looking for ways to expand her business and grow in her personal life.    She is a ‘solution-seeker’ not a ‘problem-beater’.  She says, ‘Identify the problem in 2 minutes maximum…then look for the solution immediately.’  Relationships mean everything to Gatha.  If she disappoints you it breaks her heart.  She is my Queen.”

Gatha:   “All of my life experiences (from childhood to adulthood, from abuse to freedom, from single mother to a great man, from an empty nest to 10 grandchildren, from beginnings to endings) all have been God’s homework for me, preparing me for this moment in time

1.      to happily live with a great man

2.      to be the mother of 5 who direct their own ship

3.      to be MaMaNan to 10 who know me and still love me

4.      to be a catalyst in others reaching their dreams and goals

5.      to work with some of the greatest minds in corporate American and this industry

6.      to be a co-founder of a multi-million dollar company, Tidal Wave, Inc.

7.      to be a daughter of a King

8.      to touch a life…what a miracle in itself

This is my task and I love it!”

Her success story has not been easy.  Her life speaks for itself…

“from the ironing board to the executive board”

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