Media Info – Free Advertising


Advertising - Paid vs. Free

Paid Advertising (media)

1.      newspaper ads

2.      flyer stuffed in newspapers

3.      tv advertisement

4.      radio advertisement

5.      handouts (pay someone)

FREE Advertising (media)

1.      newspaper press releases (see below)

2.      flyer to potential business partners, customers

3.      tv (psa) community events

4.      radio (psa) upcoming community events

5.      flyers to handout to businesses, etc.

FREE Advertising at vcom site:

1.      call 10 people each week

2.      invite them to be your guest on the vcom site

3.      followup by phone or meet them on the vcom site

Free Training at vcom site:

1.      develop your own training

2.      deliver it at vcom site

Free Conference Calls at vcom site:

1.      schedule date/time (weekly) for calls with your team

2.      utilize vcom

FREE is the "secret" word!


Media Contacts, Followup, etc.

Including Initial Contact with TV Stations

NOTE:  Create interest....they are busy people, keep it brief

1.      go online, use tv station's call letters as the Keyword to find their website  

2.      at their website:

all programs are listed along with a short bio of each reporter

3.      decide which program you want to target

4.      call the station 15 minutes before the show goes on the air or 5 minutes after they go off the air (chances to get to speak to them are higher at these times)

5.      ask to speak to the targeted reporter you feel (from reading their bio) would be the best contact

6.      have Gatha's press release in front of you

7.      introduce yourself as Donna Ellison with Crowson Productions (this is a true statement because you are in Crowson Production's downline in TW).  Briefly tell them that you are the event coordinator for Mrs. Crowson and that she will be in Hickory, NC (6.10.03) conducting a free seminar on an amazing facelift without surgery product. 

8.      Gatha has been on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX with consumer reporters all across the country.  If you are interested other reporters stories, we can get that info to you.  (it is under the “W” in the word “without” in the title on the webpage)

9.      they will probably ask questions…about the product…try to stick to the product if they ask about Gatha…
pull info from the press release…be brief

10.  your objective is to create  interest. 

11.  ask:   “are you the person I need to speak with?”
“do I need to speak to the program director?”  -   “and their name is?”

12.  reporter shows no interest?
go back to their website and get news producers name or consumer affairs producer or reporter…they will refer you to the right person

13.  consumer reporters love looking at new products to try and prove that they do not

14.  they have accepted.  Send basic info on the product (the product bulletin is perfect, tells just enough)

15.  do you want to select 3 models who have crow’s feet and/or wrinkles…or would you prefer for me to find someone  I do not know by contacting the chamber of commerce or a local church)…Gatha can answer your questions while the facelift is being applied.


Media - Public Service Announcement

newspapers, radio, TV stations  (50 miles radius).  

1.      call and ask..."do you have a community calendar or ledge of coming events?

2.      who do I forward this info to?

3.      how do you prefer that I send it?  email?  fax? 

4.      do you prefer photo?


Free Advertisement Expanded

1.      make up flyer announcing FREE FaceLift without Surgery Seminar with your contact info “for additional information:  Your Name, Your Phone, Your Email

2.      post in break rooms (educators, co-workers, friends, churches)

3.      leave in businesses (grocery, all bulletin boards, apartment bldgs bulletin board)

4.      play golf, they have bulletin boards

5.      spas, salons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists offices

6.      secret to good attendance is making personal contacts - inviting people

Community Calendar Press Release

FaceLift Without Surgery Seminar, June 9th, Shoney's (Restaurant) Conference Room in Brentwood (I-65 Exit#_____ ). Notice a few wrinkles, crow¹s feet or sagging? Facelift consultant Gatha Crowson will introduce you to a remarkable new program that's been given a “thumbs-up” from CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX , Consumer Reporters across the country and was featured on (call letters) TV news here in Nashville last summer. Now see it in person. This FREE seminar is open to the public and recommended for anyone who wants to reverse the signs of aging on their face and neck. For additional information call 888.729.6476.

­Teaser to TV Station and their Response (Cathy Flener’s contribution)


“I would very much like the opportunity to share information with Amy Silver about a topic that I know your viewers would enjoy and appreciate.  I could not  find contact information such as an e-mail address for her at the station,  would you please provide me with that.  I am with Crowson Productions from  Athens, AL and we have recently been aired on TV stations in Louisville, Ky, Little  Rock, AR, Birmingham, AL, Tyler, TX , Nashville, TN, Bowling Green, Ky and  more with a new concept that is drawing high rating from the viewers of these morning or midday local shows.  We will be appearing on local stations in Florida this month. We have been on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.  Many of  the  reporters  have had such active feedback from their viewers that they have contacted us, asking to be on their shows again when we come into their area in 2004.   We will be in Jackson on Thursday, December 4th, 2003 and would like to share with you our information. 

Thank you,
Cathy Flener

Response from TV Station:


I would be interested having you on the show but need to know what the topic is
you're talking about.  In addition, we have an entertainment reporter and this
may be in her realm.  Please reply with more information and we may be able to
arrange something.  Thanks so much!

Station Booked!



3 emails to TV Stations sent out within a week – 3 stations said “yes” (Trisha Leone’s contribution)


“Here are the email that I have sent to news stations.  I hope that you are successful with them.  It is all in the timing, so don't give up!”



 Come and see for yourself!

Natural FaceLift seminar open to the pubic

Monday June 30, 7:00 PM

3044 Goodman Road West

The Hair Shoppe


**lasting results with first application (takes about 25-30 minutes)

**this is NOT an 8 hour temporary lift


Thank you,

Trisha Leone



Does it work?  Send a reporter over to see.

Natural FaceLift

Seminar open to the public:  Monday June 30, 7:00 PM

3044 Goodman Road West

The Hair Shoppe

 **immediate, lasting results with first application (takes about 25-30 minutes)

 **an exercise program for the face and neck, NOT an 8 hour temporary lift


Thank you,

Trisha Leone




Gatha Crowson, "The FaceLift Lady" is on a national tour showing the latest alternative to a surgical facelift.  She will be in Horn Lake on June 30.  Gatha will be holding her free seminar from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM at The Hair Shoppe located a 3044 Goodman Road West. Joining Gatha will be Ruth Cargile, from Senatobia, Ms who was just recognized as the #10 sales person in the nation for The Natural FaceLift.

    If you could, please try to get this on your community events calendar.

Thank you,

Trisha Leone



for more info:

From: Gatha

Subject: TV Stations Contacted

As a result of these emails we have already been on ABC and NBC in Memphis, TN and CBS has requested an interview/story.  She is doing something right.  I want to be on TV in each of your cities.  You will get 50% of the leads.  If you do not have a tollfree phone# then you can use mine (888.729.6476). MUST contact Gatha ( and get a date for your seminar BEFORE you send out the emails! 



Jay gets 3 TV Stations Scheduled!

Thanks Jay for the Contribution~

1st EMAIL--------------------------------------

I had a story idea that I wanted to see if you folks would be interested in.

We have Yvonne Erwin, from Texas, who is on a national tour showing the
latest alternative to a surgical facelift. She will be conducting a FREE
seminar on Thursday Dec. 18 at the Red Lion Convention Center in Idaho
Falls. She will be here Dec. 16 & 17 in preparation for the event.

The spokesperson has been interviewed and featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX stations
throughout the nation, but mainly in the east around Kentucky, Florida,
Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. This is the first time she has come west and
she will be here for three days. She is only one of two people nationwide
that are authorized by her company to do television interviews.

We wanted to invite you or a reporter to test the products prior to the
seminar, by having Yvonne come to the station and give you and possibly two
other people a FREE personal facelift. It is for men and women. She'd even
be willing to come early in the morning and perform a facelift on Javier
while on the air if you would like.

Would you be interested in having her come to the station?

I'll try to get in touch with you in the next couple days, or give me a call
if you are interested. I can be reached at 524-7000 ext 229 from 8 to 5, and
then at home at 529-5637 after that.

I really hope you will consider it. It is actually a great consumer watch
story if interested. I look forward to talking to you.

Jay Dye

1st RESPONSE-------------------------------------- Within 17 minutes I got
the following email:
Would she be interested in doing a face lift for our noon show?  Both Javier
and I do that show.  Let me know.  Brenda

2nd EMAIL--------------------------------------
Yes she would. Which day would you prefer. Dec. 16, 17 or 18.

2nd RESPONSE-------------------------------------- How about all 3 days.:)
Actually Wednesday the 17th would work great!  Should I put that on the

3rd EMAIL--------------------------------------
Yes! That would be great. I'm sure she actually wouldn't mind coming every
day if you wanted her to. She has more fun giving people the face lift.
Please put us on the calendar for the 17th. Please let me know what time we
should be at the studio. Also, remember the offer is still open for you to
get one as well. She could give you one immediately after the show if you
would like. I actually saw she and another one lady give a demonstration at
a hotel lobby in Kentucky. There were about 50 people gathered by the end of
the 30 minutes.

Let me know what you need from us and I will be happy to help out.


3rd RESPONSE-------------------------------------- I would love it.  Could
we do it on the air?  We would need you here at about 11:45 on Wednesday.

4th EMAIL--------------------------------------
Yes we can do it on the air. It takes about 20 complete minutes after
application. Then you remove it. We can be there by 11:45 with no problem. I
could have her call you tomorrow and work out all the details if you would
like. Let me know and I'll call her and set up at time to call you.

4th RESPONSE-------------------------------------- The best time tomorrow
would be around 2pm.  Thanks, BB

5th EMAIL--------------------------------------
I was talking to Yvonne when you emailed and she will call me at 2 p.m. and
then call you so all three of us will be on the phone at one time. Please
give me a phone number and extension that we can contact you at that time. I
truly look forward to this.

5th RESPONSE-------------------------------------- My direct line is

Jay Dye
Account Executive
Idaho Falls Magazine



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