Plan of Action

 Plan of Action - Recruit 5


1.      contact 40 potential partners during the 30-day period

2.      get list of their 10 highest credibility people

3.      options:  a) invite each of the top 10 to watch movie at vcom site; b) ask each to identify a Sales Rep for the WholeSale Division; c) ask each to identify someone interested in starting their own business

4.      followup with top 10 within 24 hours at vcom site w/new distributor

5.      schedule FaceLift Seminar

6.      order posters (20x30) from Kevin Womack, ABC Printing, 903.753.8421 (there are 2 posters which can be ordered – one is Gatha & Dawn’s “before & after” with Plastic Surgeon and the 2nd poster is 3 first-time users) – these are the posters that I recommend (gc)

7.      send out Press Release to all media (tv, radio, newspaper, etc) review all media & FREE advertising material

8.      invite all your friends, business associates, etc. to attend FaceLift Seminar announced in your local paper...invite potential business partners to be models.....

9.      work with their prospect list of recruits until together you have recruited 5

10.  contact spas, salons, doctors, etc. with appropriate info

11.  business partners, customers come from followup calls

12.  call every new recruit and welcome them

13.  introduce them to the vcom site

14.  communicate with them through the vcom site

15.  each day evaluate the person....have they 1) recruited a new business partner or sold product?  2) if not.....why not?

  Reminder:  Without duplication you are running a retail business.....not building a business!


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