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 Ad for Sales Rep & Interviewing Dialog

Thanks to Donna for sharing the following with us.  She has been running the simple ad "Sales Reps Wanted!" and has done very well.  Whether you are ready to run an ad or not, I feel the list of questions that Donna uses and the
information here would be good to use in any conversation with someone about the Sales Rep position. Now this is different from a Wholesale Member. A wholesale member is someone that pays $25, purchases the product by the case to retail through their business or to others.  They only earn their retail profit and their BV is added to your personal BV.   Here we are talking about people that would want to pay the $49.95 to become a member of Tidal Wave to be able to sponsor in wholesale members such as salons and businesses.  As you know that BV would go into that person's name and they could earn up to 15% commission.  You place that Sales Rep front line to you and you and you will earn commissions on all that person's BV, which could amount to quite a lot if they are professional sales reps and go out and sign in several wholesale members. They may even began to sponsor in other sales reps under them. Many sales reps only earn 5% commissions, Gatha was talking to a Sales Rep for Aveda Salon products and she only earned 5% on the sales she made to beauty salons, we definitely have something to offer these "sales" people.   


Donna's Script:
     "We are looking for professional sales reps to join our business."  

Note:  If we were going into a traditional business, were hiring employees, we would put the
word on the street that we needed someone to help us in our new endeavor.   That could be done by word of mouth.  Call up all your friends and tell them you have started a new business and are looking for a sales rep.  Ask them if
they know anyone that would like to make some more money.  You can run an ad in the newspaper in Anytown, USA (anywhere you would like to have a stream of income coming in from).  Then start your interview process.  When I recently ran an ad in the Birmingham News, it read:
     Sales Reps Wanted! E-mail resume to donnae@hiwaay,net or mail to xxxxxxxx.

Normally ads do not get response for the first couple of weeks.  I got immediate response with the first ad.  Upon receipt of the resume, I made the first contact to let them know I would be running the ad one more week and
then I would call them to set up an appointment by phone.

The first call ask the following questions:

How long have you been in sales?
Are you presently employed?
Are you locked into one industry?
What commission are you earning or have earned in the past?
Could you e-mail me three references that are in the sales field to (your e-mail address)?

NOTE:  Let them know that you have several other interviews before you will start the selection process.  Tell them. "I will be touch with you by (date)."

On second interview, tell them we have a very exciting product that is first time to be marketed in the beauty industry.  Have them join you at the vcom site and tour them around.  Gatha will take it from there.
Hope this helps,


1.      Remember we want professional sales reps

2.      Do not rush the process

3.      Act professional in your contacts

4.      Take your time in the interviews

5.      Follow the steps

6.      Don't rush or push, 

7.      Sales reps know how the process works.  

Note:  If you go after them just trying to talk them into signing up, you will LOSE them! 
           They are looking for a definite sales opportunity and we have it!


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