TradeShow Tips & Ideas, Etc...

 TradeShow Tips & Ideas - Recommended

TradeShow CheckList:

        Posters (ordering info - contact Gatha or upline leader)
        Registration Form
        Transaction Form
        Photos to take to TV Station
            "before & after" of Dawn (8x10)
            "before & after" of Gatha (8x10)
        Sign:  "Sales Reps Wanted!" (8x10)
        Sign:  "The Natural FaceLift" (8x10)
        Sign:  Register for FREE Dinners
CheckList for the Show per person:
            You*Nique FaceLift - 4 cases minimum
                depends on # of attendees & # working the booth
            lab coat - FaceLift Consultant on back & above right breast
            receipt book
            brochures, flyers (handouts) stamped
            bottles labeled (name/address/phone/email and/or website)
            bottles wrapped with instructions
                stamped "for a friend"
            applications for new distributors
            pens (supply for registration)
            change for $100 ($20 bills)
                determine ahead of time price charged for FaceLift (incl tax, etc)
            business cards
            small note pad
            skin care brochures to give to customers (to be released soon)
            business card magnets for customers ONLY (optional)

Checklist for Booth:
            3 easels for posters
            basket or fishbowl for drawing
            2 small tables - 24x48 (or 1 large 8' table if furnished)
            floor length covers for the tables
            2 TV's with VCR's (if you use the 2 small tables)
            display - brass pedestal (8-12") for 1 bottle of Face Lift
                (candle stand)
            paper towels
            4 - spray bottle (to mist hands/face)
            waste basket
            clear packing tape
            duck tape
            8x10 mats for signs (3) and frames to match
            floor length mirror (optional)
            loop tape:
                TradeShow Loop Tape or movie on laptop

TradeShow Guidelines (recommended):

      The following are guidelines and recommendations for promoting fair and successful practices at trade show events.  These guidelines have been tested at several events and have worked well. As you work events, if you have further recommendations, please forward them to your upline leader and Gatha.


1.  Each distributor who participates in a trade show will pay an equal share of the 

     expense of the booth and amenities (electric, tables, etc.), regardless of the number

     of days present or hours worked.  The experience gained at the event and the excitement

     generated among your organization will more than offset any up-front costs!


2.  Since 50%(+) of all sales generated at these events is in credit/debit card sales, it is

     each distributor's responsibility to be able to accept and process his/her own card

     sales.  Process MC and VISA transactions via:

        -- Telecharge card service - application available in your backoffice under "downloads"

        -- Check your banking institution for alternative  

3.  Product: 

     a.  Each distributor is responsible for bringing his/her own product to sell.  If you

         sell all of your inventory and there is another distributor present in your

         organization who has extra product available and is agreeable, it is recommended

         that you purchase 1 bottle at a time from that distributor, at a cost predetermined 

         (approximate FaceLift W/S value + tax + S&H).  "Owing" or "Borrowing" product is 

         strongly discouraged.

     b.  For expediency, all distributors working the event should retail the FaceLift product

         for $45-$50 (this covers the cost of the product, plus tax/S&H).  You will need $100 in

         "change" at the beginning of your event. 


4.  Booth Etiquette:

     a.  When several distributors are working a booth, simple courtesy and ethical

          behaviors are a MUST since you will often be working with "side-line" distributors

          who are being trained.

     b.  To insure fair distribution of contacts and potential sales, each distributor will

          rotate positions within the booth.  Those in the front who have an individual

          wanting to register for the FREE giveaway or have the product demonstrated,

          will walk with their prospect to the back of the booth near the registration area.

          Another distributor in a "less visible" area of the booth will then move to the

          front to take that distributor's place.  This practice has been tested and proved

          very effective at many shows.

     c.  When a potential customer has had the product demonstrated on the back of

          the hand and returns to the booth to have it rinsed/removed, that prospect

          should be referred to their original distributor.  Even if you opt to rinse the product

          off the hand for the prospect, the sale goes to the original distributor who initiated

          the contact and gave the product info.


5.  Distribution of Leads: 

     a.  At the end of each day, distributors should give a list of their purchasers, business 

          contacts, etc. to the booth leader so that those leads can be removed from the

          registration forms and forwarded to that distributor at the end of the show, follow-

          ing the drawing for the FREE giveaway. 

     b.  It is the responsibility of the booth leader to collect all registration forms at the

          end of each day, keeping each day's leads separate.

     c.  The booth leader will be responsible for drawing the winner of the FREE giveaway.

     d.  Following the drawing for the FREE giveaway, the booth leader will pull each day's

          participating distributor contacts from that day's registration forms.  In addition,

          the remaining leads for each day will be equally divided among that day's

          participating distributors and forwarded along with their personal contacts within

          2 days of the event.


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