Updated News on Sales Reps Working Events

 Working Events

O bjective:     

ˇ         Recruit

ˇ         Product sale torecruit

ˇ         Free leads for recruits, referrals, customers

ˇ         Expenses paid by product sales (free leads to recruit)

ˇ         Network with vendors to recruit

ˇ         Train Sales Team to recruit

Event Tips:

ˇ         Your city or area only

ˇ         Your Sales Team only

ˇ         Obtain 2 free dinners from local restaurant

ˇ         Promote "give-a-way" to attendees by registering

ˇ         Handouts double-sided (front: seminar info; back: "before & after photo)

ˇ         Your "contact" info on everything

ˇ         FaceLift brochures

ˇ         Schedule FaceLift Seminar 7 to 10 days following event

ˇ         Schedule location, date, time

ˇ         Advertise free FaceLift Seminar at event (display sign)

ˇ         Free Seminar sent to media prior to event

ˇ         Seminar "setup" exactly like event (posters, tv, display)

List of Events:

  • TradeShows

            Contact:  Convention & Visitors Bureau for list & date of events

  • Trunk Shows for Customers with sign “Open to the Public”

            Contact:  Convention & Visitors Bureau for list & date of events

            Go online:  Find event layout of workshops, general session      

            Rent room from Hotel next door to large convention (women’s)

            Setup same as TradeShows

            Poster outside door with attached sign “Open to the Public”

  •   Conventions (i.e. Real Estate or Insurance Women)

            Contact:  Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Seminars

            Health Food Store (privately owned)



            Health & Wellness (on- or off-worksite)


            Employee Recognition

            Special Events (on- or off-worksite)

            Contact:  HR Dept

  • Clinics - friends, co-workers, organizations, church, etc



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