What To Say To Salon / Spa / Doctor Office

 “What do I say to a Spa.Salon.Doctor.Business?”


Many of you have asked,

ˇ        "What do I say?”

ˇ        “Do I just show up unannounced?” 

ˇ        What's the best approach?"

ˇ        Depends on what you are comfortable with

ˇ        some make "cold calls" - some “setup appointments”

ˇ        when calling a spa, salon, Merle Normal Studio, bridal shop, hotel gift shop, etc., you may speak first to a receptionist. (REMEMBER their name and be friendly!) 

ˇ        Ask to speak to the owner.  When the "decision-maker" comes on the line, this is essentially what I'm saying:

"My name is _____ and I have a product that I'd like to send (bring) you some information on. (They'll usually ask what it is.)  It's a new signature line. A natural facelift product.there's nothing else like it on the market.. We've had it evaluated on major networks by consumer reporters...    I'm in your area, just starting to work with salons/spas and I wanted to contact you and let you take a look at it."
NOTE:  Use your personality…reword to sound like something you would say.  I say something a little different each time depending on the person to whom I'm speaking.

Local business:   personally deliver the information and demonstrate the product, so you can say:
"Why don't we go ahead and set a time next week (or whenever) for me to
come by.  I'm scheduling appointments today.  Are mornings or afternoons
better for you?  I'm available Tuesday or Wednesday." [or whatever day/s
you'll be available]  ...   "Again, my name is ____ and I look forward to
meeting you!"

ˇ        either e-mail or fax preliminary information if they request it

ˇ        if you prefer to talk to them in person:

be prepared to demo the product with L’egance fact sheet (with your contact info)

ˇ        if they request an e-mail, send the link to www.faceliftwithoutsurgery.com 

ˇ        if they request a fax:  L’egance fact sheet (with your contact info and “before & after” photo

ˇ        If the owner is not in or they're busy and unable to talk, ask the receptionist/clerk the best time to call to speak to them.  You can give them an idea why you're calling and they are usually very helpful. One young lady said, "Oh, she's gone for the day, but let me give you her pager number.  I know she'll want to talk to you!"

ˇ        I have found everyone I've spoken with to be very friendly and extremely
helpful.  The only "negative" response I've had so far was one owner who
said he does not currently have an aesthetician and has just expanded his
business so is not in a position to carry anything new right now. but
would I please contact him again in about 6 months.

ˇ        When calling a doctor's office,  ask to speak with their nurse or clinical technician, whichever they employ.  Again, you'll probably have to go through a receptionist to get to the nurse (REMEMBER HER NAME!). 

ˇ        Use a similar dialogue with that person, except I mention that the product is something they can offer their clients who are poor risks for surgical or abrasive procedures.  I ask if I can schedule a time at their convenience to come by and show the product.  If you establish a rapport with this person, you are much more
likely to get to see the doctor because they have considerable influence in the office and are usually the "keepers of the gate".

ˇ        Once you make the first call and see how accommodating and receptive
people are, you'll wonder why you were ever reluctant to call!  If you'd
like to do a few 3-way calls to help you get jump-started, I'd love to
help!  Just call me for a time that is mutually convenient.. and do it

ˇ        BV from wholesalers counts as your own personal BV, so take advantage of the 15%!

ˇ        Goal is to leverage your time and recruit at least 6 front-line people ASAP who want to do what you're doing, so the duplication process can begin.  You want to teach each person you recruit “how-to” do $2,000 BV each month to maximize your earnings. 

You have all of the skills necessary to build your business.  Let's work together to help you achieve the success you deserve!



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