“…from the ironing board to the executive board…”

Meet "The FaceLift Lady" and Entrepreneur - Gatha Crowson

“What is behind the smile of entrepreneur Gatha Crowson, a Founding Partner of Tidal Wave, Inc. and President of Crowson Productions, Inc? Is it because she is continuing to look younger each year naturally, or is it the six-plus-figure income she is earning yearly from her home office, or is it the fact that she has changed lives by training others ‘how-to’ earn a six-figure income? Noted Motivational Speaker/Humorist and “MaMaNan” to 11 grandchildren (will be a great-grandmother in 2 months) Crowson began testing a non-surgical facelift prototype over 2 years ago while helping to formulate our exclusive Asian-blended formula. Known throughout as the "FaceLift Lady", she asks two questions- "Why wait until tomorrow?" Look Younger Today! AND…Make more money than you ever dreamed possible in 2005.” Ask this business woman, this southern belle, who is never too busy to talk with you personally “Would you be my mentor?” 888.729.6476.”

Gatha & husband Carey – February 2005

Look Well...Feel Well...Live Well

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“I worked in Corporate America for over 30 years where my primary responsibility was evaluating the compensation plan of every network marketing company in the world. Two things we discovered about every single network marketing company. If they were successful they had two things: 1) they had a compensation plan that paid well; and 2) they always had a hot sizzle product. This was true with every company that was successful. When I evaluated Tidal Wave’s compensation plan, it was the best I had ever evaluated…AND…they had a “hot” sizzle product to go along with their awesome comp plan. If you are a network marketer or a professional you will recognize the extraordinary strength of the compensation plan this group of founders put together. Not only have they put together a compensation plan that is unbelievable in this industry, but for Reps who want to specialize and establish accounts in the Spa/Salon industry, the leadership team has developed a WholeSale Division with an all-natural skincare line with silk and the first one-step all-natural facelift to hit this market with a phenomenal commission plan. So there is something for everyone: reps in the WholeSale Division, a trainer who is paid to train, or build a network marketing company with a distributor base like Gatha Crowsons who as you have already guessed works both divisions. There is something here for everyone. My wife Jan and I are Presidential Directors with Tidal Wave and we, like Gatha, have built a team of independent distributors as well as a team of sales reps who will be working through our WholeSale Division. And I know if a woman almost 67 years old from Athens, Alabama can make enough money to buy a brand new car every month and makes more money than the President of the United States then you can too. Jan and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the leadership team here at Tidal Wave.” Ken Smith, Grand Rapids, MI

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90-Day Special – Look 3 to 15 years younger!

"Thumbs-Up" from News/Consumer Reporters


Why wait until tomorrow? Look and feel younger today!
"I watched the years disappear before my eyes!" - Gatha

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Wholesale Division
Needed: Trainers & Reps call on Spas/Salons w/high commission

  Networking Division
6-Plus Figure Income earned in First Year
Training Available Onsite and Online


With Silk
Email or Call 888-729-6476


Esthetician Recommended Dermotologist Approved


High Tech + High Touch

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"before & after" photos speak for themselves
"What will you be saying 8 years from now?"

  • tones and firms facial muscles
  • restores firmness to sagging skin
  • visible results with first application
  • diminishes fine lines, wrinkles
  • improves skin tone and color
  • immediate improvement

Look 3-5 years YOUNGER in minutes!

"before" - 4 applications in 7-days - 2 years later -Dawn (51 yrs young)


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